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Calories in LaMar's Donuts

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Apple Spiced Cake Donut
340 Cal
Bavarian Cream Donut
620 Cal
Blueberry Cake Donut
350 Cal
Blueberry Filled Donut
520 Cal
Caramel Iced Bar, Unfilled
430 Cal
Cherry Filled Donut
550 Cal
Chocolate Iced Bar, Bavarian Cream Filled
600 Cal
Chocolate Iced Bar, Chocolate Fluff Filled
800 Cal
Chocolate Iced Bar, Unfilled
540 Cal
Chocolate Iced Bar, White Fluff Filled
810 Cal
Chocolate Iced Cake Donut
330 Cal
Cinnamon Roll
690 Cal
Cinnamon Roll, Raisin Nut
850 Cal
Cinnamon Twist
770 Cal
German Chocolate Knot
480 Cal
Lemon Filled Donut
530 Cal
Old Fashioned Sour Cream Cake Donut
420 Cal
Ray's Chocolate Glazed Donut
290 Cal
Ray's Original Glazed Donut
220 Cal
White Iced Cake Donut
320 Cal