About Us

MenuWithNutrition.com is an information website which is dedicated to providing users with detailed information about popular fast food chains in the U.S. By searching, collecting and sharing restaurant information and food nutrition facts; we are committed to helping users with their fast food options.

Our Features

Composed of a professional team and based on our years of industry experience, we have confidence in our ability to provide users with those characteristics:

  • 1. Data Accuracy

    MenuWithNutrition.com has covered over 30 top fast food brands and has continuously updated the content to ensure that users can access the most precise data.
  • 2. Comprehensive Information

    Centered on over 30 large restaurant chains, MenuWithNutrition.com provides well-rounded information on these brands, including restaurant locations, phone numbers, menus, secret menus, happy hours, and nutrition facts of every menu item. Our goal is to let users find answers to whatever information they are looking for.
  • 3. User Friendliness

    MenuWithNutrition.com has a nutrition calculator that allows users to work out the nutrition facts for a whole meal while browsing menus. The layout of MenuWithNutrition.com is clean and clear so that we could improve user experience, and make web browsing more effective. Besides, there is also a mobile version provided for mobile users to make mobile access more smoothly and comfortably.