Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

The Body Fat Calculator is used to determine your body fat percentage by analyzing your wrist, waist, hip and forearm circumference, and get tips on how to reduce your body fat percentage. This formula is offered up by Hugo Rivera.

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Here is the guidance on how to measure the relevant body parts:
1. Measure the circumference of your waist at a horizontal level around the navel for men, and at the level with the smallest width for women. To get exact measurements, make sure you do not belly in or get the stomach back.
2. Measure the circumference of your neck starting below the larynx, with the tape sloping downward to the front. Make sure you do not stretch the neck forward.
3. Measure the circumference of your hips (for women only) at the largest horizontal measure.

Note: This calculation is based on averages, and can only give you an estimation value. Different people may vary!

Your Body Fat Percentage:
  • Essential fat10 - 13%
  • Athletes14 - 20%
  • Fitness21 - 24%
  • Acceptable25 - 31%
  • Obese> 32%
  • Essential fat2 - 5%
  • Athletes6 - 13%
  • Fitness14 - 17%
  • Acceptable18 - 25%
  • Obese> 25%

Essential fat is a minimum amount of body fat percentage required for health in order to maintain life and reproductive functions. Essential fat level for men is 2-5%; and is 10-13% for women.

For athletes, the body fat percentage is typically about 6-13% for men and 14-20% for women. People at this level would look really defined, and with visible abs.

Fitness is the level for people who want to look fairly slim but don’t necessarily need to be professional trainers. This level is 14-17% for men and 21-24% for women.

Average body fat percentage is for the general population, which is 18-25% for men and 25-31% for women. However, those who don't have a muscular mass but want to be fit should better stay in the fitness range.

Anyone above 25% for men and 32% for women is considered to be obese.

The body fat percentage of a person is just an indicator of his or her level of fitness. The result is for reference only. In fact, some overweight people who exercise can be even healthier than leaner non-exercising people.

Essential fat is the level at which physical and physiological health would be negatively affected, and below which death is certain. Please check the values you entered.